Tiger Marrón is a firm believer in doing everything well. We believe in balance and sustainability, and we take pride in our artisanship and product offerings for this reason. We have made a concerted and effective effort to be sustainable in all aspects of our business throughout the years. That might be in the form of state-of-the-art ETP/water treatment plants. To recycle water and ensure that the effluent they discharge does not pollute the environment. Alternatively, it could be through the purchase of new machinery that lower electricity use by 30%.

On top of that, we believe that all aspects of any good's creation should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. As a result, from sourcing to delivery, everything is taken care of. We make a connection between sustainability and every stage of the process. The metal hardware we employ is also created in a water-saving manner. Furthermore, we are globally compliant in all aspects of our operations and meet all auditing criteria. We value fair trade and ensure that all of our employees have a pleasant working environment and are fairly compensated. We support a variety of animal and human charities and aim to contribute to them yearly.

Tiger Marrón strives for holistic sustainability. Our next aim is to integrate solar and other renewable energy sources.

The proudest announcement for us is that we have adopted a completely sustainable way of manufacturing. It ensures that:

  • 100% environment-friendly procedures are incorporated.
  • Options include began leather, recycled polyester and even cactus leather. 
  • vegetable-dyed fabrics specially used so that the entire process does not cause any harm to Mother Nature.